What Makes SproutFaster different from other companies selling Worm Castings? We Grow, so we know!

We Know:

  1. How to cultivate and create an environment the worms will thrive in
  2. When there are issues with your soil
  3. When the worms are healthy
  4. What Pure Castings Look like
  5. How to incubate and hatch worm eggs
  6. How to maintain prime moisture and PH levels in the soil
  7. How much castings worms can produce in a specific period of time
  8. ……and much much more!

You don’t learn these things by just re-selling a product. You learn these things by trial and error. You learn these things from getting your hands dirty every single week, counting worms individually, and putting in a little bit of sweat to make sure your castings are top of the line. At SproutFaster, we are extremely proud of the quality and consistancy of our product. We take great pride in the fact that much more seasoned growers have complemented our product and praised it over others on the market.

When it comes to purchasing worm castings either online, in a store, or at a Market….Don’t settle for other products with fancy packaging, trust the grower who knows from experience. Trust SproutFaster! You will be glad you did, because we Grow So We Know what you expect and deserve, and we work hard to produce it!